Why Tsavo East For An Africa Kenya Safari

A Kenya safari Holiday would not be complete without visiting Tsavo East National Park, which is part of the Tsavo National Park, which comprises Tsavo East and Tsavo West forming the biggest game sanctuary in Kenya, covering over twenty one thousand square Km’s.

Amongst the main attractions of the park on your africa kenya safari are the large number of elephants although you can see many other game as well.

It is easily accessible by road, and you can fly in by light aircraft to one of the nineteen different airstrips, and this is a good way to access the more remote safari camps.

Tsavo photo

To enter by road you enter through the Voi or Manyani gate, from Mombasathe Bachuma gate, and Malindi the Sala gate. Road improvements mean there are a lot of visitors to the park from the North Coast enjoying their kenya camping safari.

Well known places to visit in Tsavo east include the Yatta plateau, one of the worlds longest lava flows, the Lugards Falls on the Galana River, the Mudanda Rock overlooking a naturally dammed pool where animals go to drink, and the Aruba Dam across the Voi River.

Tsavo East has one lodge the Voi Safari Lodge, several tented camps, the best known of which are Galdessa, Cottars, Satao, and Sobo, all of which make great stopping off points on any Kenya safari holiday.

The numerous animals you may well see in Tsavo East includes:

Antelopes and gazelles (per alphabetic order) :

Bushbuck – Dik-dik (Guenther’s) – Dik-dik (Kirk’s) – Duiker (Blue) – Duiker (Common) – Eland – Gazelle (Grant’s) – Gerenuk – Hartebeest (Coke’s) – Hartebeest (Hunter’s) – Impala – Klipspringer – Kudu (lesser) – Oryx (Fringe-eared) – Steinbok – Suni – Waterbuck (Common) –

Other ungulates and mammals :

Buffalo (Cape) – Elephant (African Bush) – Giraffe (Maasai) – Hippopotamus – Hyrax (Bruce’s) – Hyrax (Eastern Tree) – Hyrax (Rock) – Hyrax (Southern Tree) – Rhinoceros (Black) – Warthog (Common) – Warthog (Desert) – Zebra (Common) – Zebra (Grevy’s) –

Carnivores :

Aardwolf – Caracal – Cat (African Wild) – Cheetah – Civet (African palm-) – Civet (African) – Dog (Hunting) – Fox (Bat-eared) – Genet (Large-spotted) – Genet (Small-spotted) – Hyena (Spotted) – Hyena (Striped) – Jackal (Black-backed) – Jackal (Common) – Jackal (Side-striped) – Leopard – Lion – Mongoose (Banded) – Mongoose (Bushy-tailed) – Mongoose (Dwarf) – Mongoose (Grey) – Mongoose (Marsh) – Mongoose (Slender) – Mongoose (White-tailed) – Otter (Clawless) – Ratel – Serval – Zorilla –

Primates :

Baboon (Savannah) – Bushbaby (Lesser) – Galago (Large-eared greater) – Galago (Small-eared greater) – Monkey (Blue/Sykes/Diademed) – Monkey (Green Vervet) –

Others (rabbits, hares, insectivores) :

Aardvak – Pangolin (Temminck’s ground) – Hare (Cape) – Hare (Spring) – Porcupine (Crested)