When To Get Cheap Deals In The Caribbean

If you are like me and have tried to buy an all inclusive cheap Caribbean vacation between Christmas and Easter, and totally failed to gat any kind of a bargain, you will have realised that this is high season. It was many years ago that I checked out both Jumby Bay and Sandy Lane, and I noticed a dramatic drop in prices that began in May. I was able to get an incredible bargain to Jumby which I couldn’t frankly believe.

The whole matter of finding the best time for Caribbean Cheap Deals is well worth investigating. Not being a celebrity or someone who needs to be seen, all of us ordinary mortals do not need to be in Barbados between December and Easter. The main reason it is high season of course is the awful European weather at that time of year, and not necessarily the weather in the Caribbean. Also places like Antigua and Barbados are quickly accessible from Europe. The jet set pushes prices up by their demands on hotels and restaurants, which in turn increases prices even more.
On principle don’t go there at that time.

Come May the prices drop dramatically as already discussed, and one of the main reasons for this is the beginning of the tourist season in Europe, and the southern United States. It isn’t as you might have thought because of the onset of the hurricane season, which is later on in July and August.

A lot of people are starting to go in July and August, which has risk attached to it, but there is a theory that the southern islands like Barbados, Tobago and Grenada are too far south to be in the hurricane belt, but Grenada disproved that two years ago. If you want a Caribbean Cheap Deal at this time, you will get one, but beware.

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The best time to go to the Caribbean for an all inclusive cheap Caribbean vacation or any kind of Caribbean Cheap Deal is May or June. The weather is quite beautiful, and there are no children, as it is term time!!

Go to the Caribbean in May June, for the best prices, when you will be astonished at some of the deals on offer.