The Beaches Of Costa Brava Spain For The Family

Barcelona has a long beautiful history left behind by not only the Roman Times but also by the Arabs that had once inhabited the region. Barcelona is located on the Iberian Peninsula. Within this Peninsula lay the cities of Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, as well as Barcelona itself. The region that these cities combined make up is call Catalunya, which gives Spain a beautiful shore line that goes half way down the Mediterranean at the community of Valencia from the beginning at the French Border. Within these areas you’ll find a great culture that caters to the tourist, but which will also reveal to you awesome cathedrals, temples, architecture, and a brave strong people.

Costa Brava photo

You and your family will be able to enjoy an extensive coastline during your visit to Barcelona, much of which Spain has been able to capitalize on with lavish hotels, and beach resorts. However the fact that Spain is home to an amazing culture and architectural grandeur, the city has been able to flourish it’s tourism business.

You’ll likely hear much about and want to see the famous Sagrada Familia on your travels to Barcelona. This is actually, if you’re not fluent in Spanish what is known as the Sacred Family. Spain’s renowned artist and architect Antonio Gaudi, who planned the beautiful church for the needy in 1883, created it. He collaborated with other architects on the project, and received donations and charity from people who were also passionate about the project. He wanted the masterpiece to be original, and therefore decided to change the bell towers from the normal square tower to one that was rounded off. As well, he thought that a Swiss cheese look would accent them well.

This cathedral is still not finished at this point. After Gaudi’s death in 1926, the project was taken over for a short time but nobody has ever been able to continue on the project to finish mostly because of funding. However the bell towers and some other parts are finished.

Gaudi was very prolific in his work and all around the city other works by him can be found. These works include Guell Park, the Mila House, and La Pedrera. However, Gaudi will always be known for creating the impressionable and highly respected Sagrada Familia.

When you arrive at the airport in Barcelona you’ll be able to visit the tourist information booth and find all sorts of great history to visit during your stay in Barcelona. You can also find this information on the internet, as well as your own public library, or nearest bookstore.

The information at the tourist booth in Spain is usually free and offered in different languages. You’ll be able to find sources of entertainment, dining, as well as historic monuments and sites that people often look for when visiting the area. You’ll want to perhaps try traveling away from the main city to the coastal cities such as Costa Brava as well for some beach fun.
There is plenty to see and do in Barcelona and you’ll will likely never be bored on your trip. You’ll enjoy all of the great accommodations as well as Spain’s uncanny reputation for taking care of their tourists which helps to drive the countries economy. Enjoy your trip to Barcelona.