The Beach House Barbuda

If you are going to stay at The Beach House in Barbuda, then I would make the following comments to you.

The first thing is don’t even try to bring any children under the age of sixteen, apart from anything else the ambience of the resort isn’t right for kids, and they don’t let you.

You need to own an oil well to come here, although it is mostly well worth it, some of the criticism I have read is quite unjustified in my opinion, however use some of your money to organise private flights to the island or you are at the mercy of the daily flight roster, and that can mean long waits at the airport in Antigua.

antigua photo

It is worth the trip just to see the beach, it is spectacular, and seems to go forever, and the views from your suite, and there are 21 of them are views of the beach and the incredible turquoise sea, and furthermore the beach is but a few steps away.

If you are not a beach person, then there is a salt water pool surrounded by wooden decking, but honestly, the beach is just so wonderful, deserted, and the sea is such brilliant colours, and the water is so clear.

Caribbean Hotels, even in the luxury category all have rough edges if you are used to the luxury of the far East, and The Beach House is no exception. The advice given to me was to regard your suite as your own beach house on your own beach, and when you treat it like that, then everything falls into place. No televisions, are a welcome feature, after all we come here to escape the bad news world.

The suites all have a large sitting area, and very comfortable King size, goose down four poster beds, which look out right onto the beach and the lagoon, which is beautiful but not for swimming in.

The best feature is your own Service Ambassador who is only a telephone call away, and you will have your own mobile phone to call him, and they will attend to your every need, and in fact spoil you rotten.

The Club House is where you take your meals, although you can eat on the beach, you only have to ask. The menus look spectacular, and the food may not quite always live up to your expectations, but this is the Caribbean, and quite frankly I don’t go to this part of the world for a culinary experience. The food is mostly OK, sometimes very good, and occasionally brilliant.

You should definitely visit The Beach House Hotel in Barbuda, but not between September and December 2006, because it is closed for a refurbishment which can only enhance its charms.