One Of The Best Tropical Beach Locations Is The Sandy Beach Resort Tonga Islands

It is situated on Foa Island, Ha’apai Group, and can be reached from the international airport on Tongatapu in 35 minutes followed by a ten minute car ride.

That in actual point of fact is the theory, but it doesn’t always work that way, but the owner meets you at the airport, so if you are even several hours later than expected, don’t worry.

Life at Sandy Beach Resort has its own timetable, and things do happen slowly in the South Pacific, but we didn’t go there for 21st century facilities.

We wanted an escape from the cocoon that 5* hotels have become, increasingly the same, no matter where in the world you have travelled to. What you will find at the Sandy Beach Resort is no pollution, no blaring radios, TV, or for that matter people!!

Boris and his father will look after you very well indeed, and the food in the restaurant is good if a little repetitive, in that it is mainly seafood based, although it suited us fine. You need to remember that there isn’t much agriculture on Tonga, and corned beef appears to be a staple!!

Life here is different, things don’t turn up, like aeroplanes, supplies, so just chill!!

The beach, which is almost on the doorstep of your fale, [chalet, bure ] are whatever you want to call it, is quite the most beautiful beach we have ever seen anywhere. It is very private here, indeed you could walk a few yards and never see another soul.

The water is the kind of turquoise colour you can only dream about, and you can snorkel almost off the beach, and see beautiful fish. Neither of us scuba dive, but I gather that was pretty good if you did.

This a real south pacific vacation. You do get one of the best white beaches, in fact one of the worlds best beaches, what you don’t get is an international hotel and five star service, but who wants it anyway.