Matemo Island Resort Off Mozambique Could Become One Of The Most Popular African Island Vacations

Elegant small beach hotels are a rarity in Mozambique, but the Matemo Island Resort which is situated off the Northern Mozambique coast is set to become one of the most popular African island vacations.

Getting there isn’t difficult, you fly into Pemba, and then take a light aircraft to Matemo.

You really do feel you are off the beaten track here, especially as this is a new resort, with absolutely pristine beaches, and a place to really do nothing but recover from a safari.

In terms of what it’s like, there are 24 rooms, on an island that is 8km long, and 3km wide, and whilst it doesn’t have the sophistication of the Maldives[yet], it does have the huge advantage that you can stay for a week, and not walk round it easily!!

Mozambique photo

Matemo is one of the great romantic affordable honeymoon ideas, it’s unspoilt, unexplored, a paradise with miles of beautiful white sand beaches.

In fact my first view of Matemo resort was at the end of a fascinating drive through genuine villages of mud huts, of people carrying on their lives as their ancestors had done for generations, when suddenly we saw the sweeping arch of the entrance my eyes were drawn to a crescent shaped beach with water the color of which made the photographs look ordinary. The colors never go away with Zanzibari day beds piled high with brightly colored cushions, and although I had experienced them before on Zanzibar, somehow they seemed more vivid here.

The 24 villas are all on a private beach with Persian Rugs and four poster beds, opening onto a private porch with its own hammock.It’s the colors that dominate, the blues, turquoises, white sand, it’s almost too much. To be able to shower in the outdoor shower with this kind of a view is unsurpassable.

If you want to fish, then you can’t go wrong, if you want to scuba dive or snorkel you can do it virtually from the beach. If you like seafood, then you are going to love the restaurant.

There are only two drawbacks, and the first is that you are going to have to totally relax and unwind because the pleasures of 21st century mainland resorts are not for here, and secondly at some point you are going to have to leave!!

Go now before Matemo inevitably becomes one of the most popular Africa island vacations spots.